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Escort job

We are ready to offer very profitable working conditions. First of all we care about your security and privacy. We will provide you with all the important information and tell you the safety rules, advice appropriate places for accommodation.

The payment terms are the following:
  • 70/30 (70%-yours) In case if you organize the job tour yourself - you choose the date, you buy the flight tickets and pay all the related expenses, including the hotel (4 or 5 stars, because the more prestigious the hotel is - the higher is your price and the better customers you receive.) Your working time starts at 10 in the morning and finishes at 3 at night, your target is to work and make money and you deal only with our agency.
  • If this kind of schedule doesn't fit you, you can choose an alternative one. 60/40 (60%-yours) If you choose this option, it allows you to deal with other escort agencies or work as an independent escort model, your working time is very flexible. It gives you an opportunity to go sight-seeing, shopping or simply sun-bathing.

According to your desire we can combine both variants: for example you are coming for 2 weeks (the minimum duration of the tour), the first 10 days you are working 70/30, and the last 4 days you spend in a more relaxed way and work 60/40.

The Resume: We need your original photos (with the face and full-height, the professional portfolio would be your advantage), your measurements (height, weight, breast-waist-hips), age, hair and eye color, the list of the services provided, passport copies, e-mail address and mobile number with a country code to contact you.

When you send us your photos for advertising in our web-site, please, make sure that other agencies, that also advertise you, do not have the same pictures.
Imagine the situation: in one web-site there is the price 2500 per hour in your photos, and in another web-site the same photographs demands only 1500 per hour. Where do you think a customer will call?
Do you see the difference?
So mailing your pictures in various escort agencies, please make sure that these pictures are from various photo shoots (the other situation, other background, other jewelry and underwear). Operating under different photos you will get the double jackpot!
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